Who Is Carnell?

I am Carnell,  an entrepreneur who started and failed at many businesses. After doing the same things over and over, I was able to see the pattern. There was no purpose other than wanting to make money.

It all started back in elementary… 

       I was in the lunch room and my sister gave me a piece of candy. Another kid saw it and offered me a quarter for it. 

My 1st profit was made!

I sold a Ka-Bluey candy for $0.25 in the 1st grade and I’ve been selling things ever since. 

       Fast forward to today, like many others I ignored utilizing social media as a tool at first. Then when I would make post about buying things and sure enough people responded. 

       After learning through experience how powerful social media is and how fast it can generate income & build brands. I knew I had to get it to everyone I know. Marketing alone doesn’t even scratch the surface. You know me, I like to stay plugged-in and giving you everything I have about anything. If I Got It, You Got It! I couldn’t wait to get this off the shelf. We’re talking years in the making! 

It had to be raw & worth my time…

       Bringing like-minded individuals just like me together. Promoting healthy businesses and developing wealthy lifestyle. Helping other entrepreneurs & business owners succeed by building a community for us to network, create & boost ideas, make friends, engage and share our experiences.

Remember this is not even scratching the surface… 

       The big prize is what we all get as a community and using the technology available to us.

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SEO trend to look for the best in 2018
SEO trend to look for the best in 2018

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